Episode 43: Ryan Adams, Taylor Swift and Father John Misty’s music vortex

“1989,” Velvet Underground parodies and how money shapes the businesses of music, film and journalism.

Pretty Little Liars

Episode 42: Pretty Little Liars’ weird tech, real or fake?

Holograms, blue snarfing and the rest of Pretty Little Liars’ tech, explained.

Ex Machina

Episode 41: Sci-Fi Grab Bag

“Ex Machina,” “Ender’s Game” and much more sci-fi discussion on a 90-minute “PLL”-hiatus episode.

Ryan Adams - 'Ryan Adams'

Deeper into ‘Ryan Adams,’ a clear-eyed classic

Listen closer and hear the most seamless storytelling of Adams’ career.

Pretty Little Liars S06E10

Episode 40: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6A reviewed, ft. Mark Abraham

Friend of the show Mark Abraham joins us to talk Charlotte’s reveal and what it means for the future of “PLL.”

Pretty Little Liars S06E10

Episode 39: Pretty Little Liars S06E10 Season Finale

A revealed! The stunning conclusion of “Pretty Little Liars.”

Mr Twin Sister (Kimi Selfridge)

Videos: Mr Twin Sister at Pitchfork Fest

Mr Twin Sister plays “Fantasy” and “Out of the Dark” in Chicago.

Pretty Little Liars S06E09

Episode 38: Pretty Little Liars S06E09

The Drunk Mom Detective Club makes its Pretty Little Liars debut.

Pretty Little Liars S06E08

Episode 37: Pretty Little Liars S06E08, ‘FrAmed’

Aria’s art disaster, a new villain (or two!) and the return of Red Coat.

Pretty Little Liars S06E07

Episode 36: Pretty Little Liars S06E07

Charles’ birthday, Mike’s return and more Pretty Little Liars madness.

Episode 35: Pretty Little Liars S06E06 + Carly Rae Jepsen

Wait, Charles is alive?!

This is what a correction looks like

Collected thoughts on censorship, political correctness, Amy Schumer and social justice warfare.